Microfiction For Lunch • 6

January 19, 2021

Frog Looks Back

by Terrye Turpin

He had lived there so long, in his forest of grass, that he only remembered flashes of his former life. Like the pop of the paparazzi’s cameras – quick frames of hangover mornings, thin false smiles, fake friends who would run at the drop of a dollar.

What had he done to earn the reward of solitude? Jilted a witch? Spurned a wizard? His royal world brought down to a muddy pond littered with flies.

Even so, when she stooped to offer a kiss, he turned from the lipstick smear of her lips. Regretting nothing, he’d choose to stay a frog.

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Beware Advice from Strangers

You might just end up with a kobold

by Mary Keating

“I’m exhausted and desperate for help.”

“Drink this soured milk. Leave your door open tonight. Your prayers will be answered in the morning.”

* * *

I awoke to a small creature making my breakfast. My cottage was spotless.

The kobold did my chores for weeks — until I insulted him.

A fatal error.

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Begin Again

by Dascha Paylor

Sharon watched her daughter, barely three, cringe as Carl ranted. The thought of anyone demeaning Ella the way Carl did Sharon, broke her heart.

Lifting Ella into her arms she hit send. Kara sent a hug emoji. Bags, tickets, and passports already in the car, Sharon walked out the door.

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Kevin And Sandy

The Best Gift

by Mark Starlin

They met in Kindergarten.

In third grade, Sandy told Kevin she liked him. He said, “That’s weird.”

In jr. high, Kevin noticed that Sandy was suddenly less weird.

In high school, they dated.

In college, they married.

The rest of their lives, they gave each other the best gift, love.

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